Objects are interfaces which allow for specific facilitation or inhibition of a body’s agency and mobility in order for it to interact with or enter immaterial environments such as a language of binary gender expression, the cyberspace, or vocational specificity. Eija is interested in how anthropogenic environments choreograph the movement of agents within and how the material characteristics of objects share many attributes with the human body. Her recent work has focused on the construction of garments which embody the tension between performance and performativity in their potential to be animated as wearable items while possessing the ability to assert agency through an implied body.  A white living room and aged skin are flattened and become one liquid entity, the tablecloth is a button up restraining device, boiling water from the kettle poured over dinner and ruins your dress. 

Eija Loponen-Stephenson isa cross- disciplinary sculpture and installation artist. Her work emerges at the material intersection of textiles, plastics, and found objects. 

image by Lina Zhu

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