In the current phase of industrialism the object-world is seen as a hard and impermeable system, but the reality is that all materiality is in flux. This perceived hardness has a dual function of allowing humans to objectify materials with indifference while alienating human subjects from our environment because we believe it is separate from us. Bodies are constantly shedding onto, being marked by, and digesting their environments. Eija Loponen-Stephenson is interested in broken objects, the calluses of construction workers, mold, and osmosis.

From a compulsive interest in denaturing the perceived boundaries between the body and object, Eija's work acts as a means of creating models for achieving an understanding of the interdependency and bleeding between both spheres. The resulting products of this investigation into subject/object permeability emerge at the intersection of sculpture, textiles, wearable art, and performance.


image by Lina Zhu

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